5 Sneaky Ways Stress Affects Our Body

Stress is a part of life. Yes! We are often stressed-out. Reason may be any, like work, career, home, relationships etc. We cannot avoid the side-effects of it. It not only affects the brain, but, also the other parts of the body. Wondering how?

5 Sneaky Ways Stress Affects Our Body
5 Sneaky Ways Stress Affects Our Body | image source: tumblr.com


You will suddenly find that your teeth is becoming more sensitive than usual. You will be get headaches when you clench your jaw. There wouldn’t be any particular reason for your headache, it is  all due to stress.

Stomach Discomfort:

You must find out how your stomach feels when there are emotional changes. If you are upset, you will  find the changes in the stomach as well. The anxiety in the body causes the changes in the Serotonin levels, which will have an impact on the stomach as well.

Body aches:

There are times when you will feel your body to be very heavy. Your muscles will tighten and they will ache after a point of time. You need to relax yourself for the body to relax. Try out some oil massages and breathing techniques to relax yourself.


Cold and flu are very common and stress could be a cause of it. If you are stressed throughout the month, you are likely to fall sick. The immune system will also weaken when you are stressed.


We have breakouts during the exams? Wondering why? Yes, it is due to stress. The sebaceous glands secretes more sebum leading to breakouts. The skin will also look more red and inflamed as there is increased blood flow and capillaries. These acne will take a longer time to heal than the usual ones. Thus, carry out yoga and meditation when you are stressed.

The best way to live life is to be stress free. You will be more happier and healthier.

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