5 Important Tips On Tipping Movers And Packers

5 Important Tips On Tipping Movers And Packers

5 Important Tips On Tipping Movers And Packers

Relocating to a new city, or shifting to a new house is made easy with movers and packers. All you need to is, simple book them and they will handle everything, from packing to transporting to unpacking. Though, every movers and packers company has their own charges based on the no. of items to be moved or the weights etc. But, the amount (or the fees) that you pay goes directly to the company’s account. Often, we forget to tip the movers and packers, means the workers who do this job. Whether the movers and packers in Chandigarh or kanyakumari, every one deserves a tip. Tip is simply a sign that you liked the work and you appreciate their efforts. Like, you go to a restaurant and you like the waiter’s service and after you pay the bill, you tip the waiter or in the salon, if you like someone’s service to tip him/her. Same goes for the movers and packers.

5 Important Tips On Tipping Movers And Packers
5 Important Tips On Tipping Movers And Packers

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We put our faith in movers and packers as they ensure that our valued possessions will reach safe and in a same condition as they were! Tipping is a token of appreciation that if your are happy with the service.

Movers and packers usually don’t expect tip, but when given they appreciate a lot. It is a small fortune to the worker. Here are some important tips on tipping movers and packers:

1. Don’t give big amount to the in-charge, instead give small amount of money to the individual worker. Even small amount like 20 bucks are okay for the workers.

2. Don’t give pan-masala, tobacco or liquor as a tip, instead you can offer food

3. Tip amount can vary from worker to worker. Like, the driver… he drove the vehicle (within city or inter-city) and the workers, he lifted the heavy items of your house. So, you can decide the amount of tip according to their hard work and performance.

4. Offer water and snacks while they are on work.

5. Be humble and appreciate their work, if you really liked it.

These were my tips on tipping the movers and packers. I really hope it will help you in dealing with the workers. Do share your views on this via comments section below. And yes, don’t forget to join me on snapchat (mi_anamika). I am quite active there!



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