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3 Money Secrets Your Probably Didn’t Know

Money Secrets
Money Secrets

3 Money Secrets Your Probably Didn’t Know

A recent study conducted by researchers showed that 65% of youth lives on paycheck to paycheck. Money is indeed important and making it is all about the important choices we make. Many of us struggle real hard in order to pay money to pay the apartment rent while most of enjoy a lavish lifestyle earned by self in mid twenties.

But there are money secrets that most of the twenty-somethings and early-thirties don’t know.

Here are the 3 money secrets that everyone should know, accept and live by:

#1) Invest if you want to save money:

Investment is very important. You have many options for investments. From purchasing goods that save money (like gold, platinum etc) to investment in stocks with an aim of increasing it. Good investments really help in a long run.

#2) Be concerned about your statements:

Most of us just don;t bother about our statements (whether of credit card, or money electricity bill), which is wrong. You should always try to maintain a track record of whatever and where ever you spend. Take a folder and keep all your statements in it. Every month, take out 1 day to read and understand your statements. This will make you aware about where you wasted your money and where, it was okay to spend. And with that, you will be able to control your expenses.

#3) Plan, plan and plan!

Planning is really, like really important. Whether you are setting up your own business (like a blog or any start up) or you do a job, planning always play an important role. You should always calculate how much you will be spending at an upcoming event or on your needs. Also, you should keep (actually, save) some amount for yourself (like shopping or travelling).

Ain’t these money secrets actually the things you already knew? But I wrote it because a gentle reminder is always needed while running in this fast pace life. Its okay to buy your favorite (or dream) perfume or watch, but becoming a little more conscious about your spending is always a good idea.

Just dedicate 10 minutes to your money and see how your life becomes more fruitful.

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