3 Everyday Words That Make You Sound Pretty Rude In Emails

Communication is very vital. Be it verbal communication or nonverbal one, you need to communicate efficiently. You need to ensure that there is no room for miscommunication as it can lead to disaster. Emails are a major mode of communication and you must be aware of email etiquette. Here are the 3 everyday words that must not be used while drafting an email:

3 Everyday Words That Make You Sound Pretty Rude In Emails
3 Everyday Words That Make You Sound Pretty Rude In Emails image:favim


It sounds as though you are trying to give a reason or prove something to somebody. It also appears as though you are trying to correct someone. The best way is to avoid using actually while drafting a sentence in an email. You can use the other alternatives.


When it is a verbal communication or you are talking face-to-face with somebody, you can always apologize. Sorry is an acceptance of your mistake and it is better if you directly  talk to the person rather than expressing it via email. Secondly you can use ,”I apologize” rather than using the word sorry.


It is not the mere word ‘Me‘ that must be avoided in an email. But any such form that represents me. It means you are self focused rather being a team player. When you are drafting an email to your peers or seniors, it is better to be polite in your tone and always speak from the team’s point and not an individual point of view. If you are at a senior level, you will have to be more careful. You can use other alternatives such as Us, We, Our company, Our department and so on.

Thus, follow the above mentioned instructions while drafting an email. Do share your feedback with us and let us know the other words that must be avoided in an email.

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