6 Ways To Stay Cool On Summer Nights

6 Ways To Stay Cool On Summer Nights

Before we begin, lets just chant a mantra:

We hate SUMMER! Yes! We hate SUMMER!

Okay! Now we are ready to discuss the ways to stay cool on summer nights. I know those frequent power cuts, leave you sleepless all the night. And at times, even A.C. starts trips. So, here are some ways to stay cool during summer nights:

6 Ways To Stay Cool On Summer Nights
6 Ways To Stay Cool On Summer Nights |

The direction of the ceiling fan:

If you aren’t getting the breeze of the fan, you need to change the direction of the blades so that you directly get the air when you are sleeping.

Use box fans in open windows:

If your outside temperature is far more cooler than the internal temperature of the room, all you need to do is, place a box fan (or a cooler) in a window. It will ensure that your room is full of cold breeze.

Make your fan-breezes even cooler:

Now this might sound little weird, but it works. You can place a bowl of ice in front of a standing fan or hang a wet towel over it. Spritz yourself with some water and stand in front of the fan. You will feel the chillness.

Shower or bathe in cool water:

Needless to say that you need to avoid taking shower with hot water. Try taking showers twice a day with cold water. You will be relieved from the heat as well as have a great sleep.

Open the windows:

Let your room be not exposed to the outside temperature. Open the windows when the sun is down so that the cool breeze enters your room. If you do not have mosquito issues, you can leave the windows open throughout the night. Close the windows once the sun rises.

Keep curtains closed in the bedroom during the day:

Your curtains should be thick enough to prevent the sun rays from entering the room. Let the curtains be closed throughout the day so that your room is not heated up.

Use these tips to deal with hot summer nights. When I was in hostel, I remember how difficult it became at times during summer nights. Mine was a non-AC room (actually, entire hostel was non-AC), so we had to manage somehow. We placed our beds alongside windows so that we get cool and fresh air.

If you too have any hacks to beat the summer night heat, then do share! It might help another hosteler or PGian.

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