Signs Of People Who Loved But Could Never Move On

Signs Of People Who Loved But Could Never Move On

Love is a sweet experience. Love is a bond between those two individuals who promises to be together forever and ever. What if the bond breaks? What if they part their ways? Yes, some move on whereas some sticks to the same love no matter what. It isn’t easy for people to come out of these relations comfortable. A lot of pain and hurt is involved.  There are many signs of people who loved and could never move on.

Learn to move on and let go
Learn to move on and let go | image source:tumblr

Here are few of them:

  1. They do not go ahead with materialistic things. No matter what, they will stick to the same firm and continue at the same designation because their love is in the same city or place. They do not want to accept any offer that would take them away from their own life.
  2. They do not get into rebound relation. They are better as single and refrain from falling in love again. They are so loyal even after break-up such that they do not have any place for second person in their life.
  3. They are not bothered about the society. They tend to break all the norms of the society just to support their ex-love or be with their love. Yes, they tried, but they couldn’t move on. They are not bounded by any traditions. They do not mind breaking their chain and starting a new path, if it means getting their love back.
  4. They cannot let go of the things that is associated with love and life. They fell in love and made it their life.

 Move on guys! I understand it is hard, but not impossible. There is no point in waiting for someone who was never yours. Open the doors of your heart and let the love walk in.

What say?

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