Problems Faced By Left Handed People In India

There are 11% of people who are left-handed in the world and that 11% of the entire population includes ME.

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Problems Faced By Left Handed People In India | image source: Huffpost

It is not a taboo to be a leftie, yet you might be constantly noted for being so. Being right handed is customary in the world, but that doesn’t make the left-handed people abnormal. But there are the some problems faced by left handed people in India:

  • You would be seriously given a look when you extend your left hand for the prasad. It is considered a taboo to take prasad in your right hand. Never mind, just take the prasad and give a smile to the priest.
  • The right handed people might feel little uncomfortable sitting next to you at the dining table as they might find it difficult to digest the fact that you are eating your food with left hand.
  • If you are at your relatives place be prepared to listen to some of the common statements  such as, “Ulte haath se khana kha rahe ho.” Just ignore them and explain them that you are born that way only and there isn’t anything abnormal about it. With Folk & Knife sorta dinners, I often face the same! HaHa! Now I have trained myself in eating the right way (or say, with right hand).
  • If you are a student you might have faced the difficulty of finishing your papers at the earliest in the exam. Well, you being leftie wouldn’t be the reason. Oh yes, I faced a lot of problems while giving exams as the tables are designed in a way that on the right side is the table attached to the chair. Felt odd!
  • If your school teacher has commented that Maa Saraswati, do not grace her blessings to left hand students, hold on, just prove them wrong. Students who studies will definitely score the best be it a left-handed one or the right-handed one.
  • Were you ever questioned which hand do you used to wash your bums with? If yes, give them a polite reply that your left hand is meant for eating and the other hand does the task that is meant for. (Or may be, tell them that you use a jet for the same :P)

Thus, if you are a leftie, I know you know you have faced all of the above. Let me know, if you have got more to share on this?

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  1. Simply on the dot! We have been working to create awareness in Indian society about handedness and left-handers since 1991, through Association of Left-handers.

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