Grown-Up Things You Should Have In Home Before You Turn 30

Grown-Up Things You Should Have In Home Before You Turn 30

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Grown-Up Things You Should Have In Home Before You Turn 30

Hello friends,

This post is for all the ones who are about to turn 30 or in few years. Here are some grown-up things that you should have in your home before you turn 30.

A good bed:

A great sleep is a must whatever age group you are in. Do not think it as an expense. It is an investment. Ensure that  you have a comfortable mattress as well.

Someone to care of:

Yes, you need to have someone who can take care of you apart from your family circle. We all long for love and there should be somebody to make us feel special. If you are in a relationship, you would surely agree with me.

A supportive desk chair:

No longer you have to worry about your back pain if you have a supportive desk chair. It will definitely take care of your spinal cord.  Whether you are working from home or whether you are studying for longer hours, a massage chair is perfect.

Forever Furniture:

A furniture is a great asset to home. Ensure that the quality of the wood is great and the decor matches with your home. You can also invest in art and paintings. They will add to your sophistication.

Proper cleaning Tool:

Yes, they are mandatory. You can purchase hammer, proper mopping stuff, brooms, screwdriver and so on. A vacuum cleaner is a must to take care off the dust.


Yes, cash in hand is very crucial as you might need to pay it anytime. Do not be dependent on your ATM cards all the time.


You need to have linens just not for you only, but also for your guests. Ensure that you have extra pillows and bed-sheets so that you and your guests are comfortable.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do share your feedback with us and let us know if you possess all the above.

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*Guest post by Deepti Seth

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