Are Dogs More Affectionate Than The Cats

Pets are the best of friends to human beings. They are warm and affectionate. And guess what, they reciprocate love, unlike human beings. If you have a pet, you are sure to agree with me. But the dilemma here is, are dogs more affectionate than the cats? Most of the people prefer having dogs as pets due to numerous reasons. But, that doesn’t mean cats are bad pets.  There are several research conducted on the pets to check their affection level.

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A research was conducted and it has been proved that dogs are more affectionate than the cats. Dogs love mankind 5 times more than the cats. Every human being has happiness hormones called oxytocin. This hormone also reveals about the love and bonding that the person has with others. A research was carried out wherein the saliva of both cats and dogs were taken. The saliva was taken before the playtime when the happiness hormones were at the peak in both the animals.

The happiness hormones were again checked after the session for both cats and dogs. It was found that there was an increase in the oxytocin level in dogs more than that of the cats. Thus, it was proved that dogs were more affectionate to human beings than cats, scientifically.

Thus, next time if you are planning for a pet and are confused between a dog and a cat, do opt for a dog. Dogs will be more loyal to you than the cats. They will wait for you to be back to home and will show their affection by wagging their tail.

I have a pet dog named Ronnie and I know he is very affectionate. Before Ronnie, Chiki and Kemmy, I also brought a kitten to pet but I found that kit very scary and ferocious, so I gave it back to the friend.

In my opinion, Dogs are the best! You say? Do share your feedback and let us know your opinion on this.

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