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In the month of February, I came across which is a Chinese wholesale website. Here from dress to furnishing to tech to makeup to jewellery, you can shop for everything at the price of peanuts.

As it is a Chinese wholesale website, it sells products at really low price. Of course, who doesn’t love to shop at lower price. (For instance, I got iPhone 6sPlus transparent cover at just INR 45 i.e. $0.60). I have order many things from international websites previously, but never experienced something similar to what I did from Website Review Website Review

After surfing the site of about half an hour, I thought of shopping from it. I placed an order of 20 things including mobile phone covers, accessories and a shrug.

Though, I liked many more outfits and accessories on that website, I thought of testing the website by these products… and if I’d like the service, I’d order more!

While placing the order, first hiccup was… it didn’t accept net banking method of payment. I understand, it being an international website doesn’t support this feature. Okay! I used my credit card to place the order.

Another hiccup was the delivery date. It said that if I chose the free delivery option, my parcel would reach my in 40-60 days as they used Air Mail China to ship the products.


My order was placed! After waiting for 10 days, 1 of the 20 parcels was delivered. I was happy and thought, like this one… I’d get all my parcels with 20 days max.

I was wrong!

I got 18th Parcel of 20, two days back (like date of order placed was Feb. 22 2016 and I got my 18th parcel on April 26 2016.)

Not cool!

Yesterday, the default purchase protection of 1 item (which was a shrug) got over and the aitem was order was automatically marked as complete. I still haven’t go it.

After 3 days, the default purchase protection of the last item (i.e. a mobile cover) in my order will also get over…

It’s been more than 60 days and I still haven’t got 2 items from my order. I ordered the shrug to team it up with my white maxi dress and decided to wear it in an event. Big turn off from

I am disappointed with the service they offer. Also, if a buyer wants to purchase the product and wants to get it delivered fast, then pay them extra $60-$80 for the same, which is totally not worth!

I have opened a dispute about the remaining items in my order.

Price of the products on are too low which is really good, but what’s the point of placing order when you know you won’t get it on time.

Not recommended!

My ratings: 1/5

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