6 Unusual Food Paradises In India Perhaps You Didn't Know!
6 Unusual Food Paradises In India Perhaps You Didn’t Know!

Food is one best thing that has happened to mankind. More and more eateries and food joints have opened up to cater to the needs of the people. No longer you have to visit particular places to try out the cuisines as in the era of globalization, it is an easy access. Here are 6 Unusual Foodie Paradises in India that you probably didn’t know it existed:

6 Unusual Food Paradises In India Perhaps You Didn’t Know!

Udupi- Masala Dosa:

Udupi is just not only popular for the Temple and the beaches, but also the yummy masala dosa, one ofthe most opted dish in South India. You can also try Kosambari (dal salad), Koddelu (sambar), Avalakki Upkaari (red chilli poha) and Holiges (sweet pancake).

Diveagar – Solkadhi:

Diveagar is mostly popular for the beaches and the sun. It is also popular for solkadhi which is made of kokum and coconut milk. Try out the fish dry and curries. If you are a non-vegeterian, the list of seafood is endless.

Coorg – Pandi Curry:

Yes, the Scotland of India has better offerings than just being popular for coffee and homestays. You can try out ‘karjikal’, rice ‘payasa’,akki roti (rice roti) or kadambuttu (rice dumplings), fish chutney and neer dosa. The pandhi curry is sure to leave you delighted.

Kanpur- Makhkhan Malai:

Some people might not know, but Kanpur is the place from where the sweet butter or Makhkhan Malai originated. It’s soft and sweet made using milk and can be eaten during the winters. Kanpur is also famous for Brijwasi Chat and Samosas.

Mathura – Pedas and Kachoris

The birthplace of Lord Krishna is just not a pilgrimage place, but also a place where pedas and kachoris can leave you spellbound.

Sikkim – Momos and Chhaang:

Be at Sikkim not for the mountains, but for the delicious moms and Chhaang. You can also try dishes like Phagshapa, sael roti, Niguru with churpi.

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