The most valuable lessons grad school taught us

Graduation are the days when a lot of learning happens directly or indirectly. We do not focus much on learning, but when we give a thought about it, we do realize about the learning:

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The most valuable lessons grad school taught us | image source: tumblr


Here the most valuable lessons grad school taught us:

Quality is more important than quantity. Remember the assignments that we used to receive during the college days. Writing a single page was a pain that time. It is the quality time that have fetched the marks and not the quantity ones. Thus, one should focus on quality rather than quantity.

Importance of time management:

There are several things that one has to carry out during college life. The deadlines for the assignments, the competition that you have taken part, the sports day celebration and so on. Thus, you learn about time management.

Money Management:

We do not earn during the college time, hence we have to depend upon the pocket money that we receive from our parents. Thus, we learn a lot about money management.


Yes, a lot of surprises you would get. Your teammate might back out at the last moment, your partner might be on leave on the day of presentations. What do you under such circumstances? Of course, the show must go on and you learn to face such situations as well.

Strong Support System:

There would be times when you would hardly get any time to sleep, but you need to be finish your task. This will help you to work even at the last moment.

Hope this article has been useful to you. There are several things that you would learn from your college life. All you need is give a thought about it. Do share your feedback with us and let us know your intake about it.

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