If you have already begun your career and are regretting about it, you definitely have to think about changing it sooner or later. If you are under the assumption that a change in the career is a cake walk, you are absolutely wrong. You will be grilled at the interview process. 
Here are some awesome tips to wow the interviewer while changing your career:

Tips To Wow The Interviewer While Changing Your Career

An experience in any industry will never go waste. You must try to find out a connection between your past experience and present one. Try to know the requirement of the firm, the skill sets they require and other relevant things related to your profile. Connecting the dots is very important and you must work on it. Present yourself in a such way that your past experience adds value to your present one.

You must convince your interviewer that you are serious about your career change and it is not a hasty decision. Talk about your skill sets, the books that you went through, the seminars that you have attended and your networking list. You can also talk about the certification course that you went through to master the domain. All these things will add value to your career change.

Research well! This is the key to success. Do not forget to connect to people who belong to the same field. You can connect with them through LinkedIn. Make sure you converse with them and take some tips on how to excel well in your field.

Hope this article has been useful to you. One has to be cautious while changing the career or else one has to take the risk of starting as a fresher again. Do follow the above tips and make a good impact on the interviewer. 
Good Luck!

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