One must stay positive and happy at home. I am an indoor-kind of a person and I love to stay at home. I feel happy and content. So, I decided to make you realize that there are some really simple things that make you and everyone happier at home.
So, here are simple things to make you happier at home:
Make your bed everyday. Do not leave it untidy. A human being has emotional connection with the bed. You will definitely love the clean bed.
Keep a journal to note down your daily routine tasks. Make a note of one happy thing that happened to you on daily basis.
Hey! That’s Me! Anamika Mishra
Aren’t there sentimental thing that we are more attached to? Sometimes. Materialistic possession doesn’t give us that happiness which a memory can give us. Always attempt for happy memories.
Keep clutter free rooms. Give life to your rooms.
Do not keep up piled up things that you dislike. For example: If you hate seeing the dishes in the sink ensure that you wash them immediately once you are done with your food.
When you wake up in the morning, do it with gratitude. Set an intent for each day and be grateful for the life that you are leading.
Expectations leads to disappointments. Help people without any expectations and you are sure to cherish it. Help your maid, help an elderly to cross the road, talk to a stranger, visit an orphanage, spend time with elders and so on.
Stay connected with your loved ones. Ensure that you call somebody whom you have always admired or whom you love. Eat together with your family once in awhile. Switch off your phone sometimes and stay away from interact. Go and meet your neighbours or say a hello to them. Welcome the change!
Thus, there are several ways to stay happy at home. Happiness is a state of mind and one must cherish it. Do share your ways of staying happy at home.

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