Choosing The Right Niche
Choosing The Right Niche

On Choosing The Right Niche (Topic/Category) For Your Blog

Guru-mantra for blogging is picking the right niche for your blog. I am writer and a speaker. I speak on topics that help people live a better lifestyle and achieve their dreams. Also, I write on relationships & all things inspiring in my books… therefore, in my blog I write on these topics.My motive of giving my own example is that I have knowledge of this field and this is why I write on these topic. Always pick a topic that interests you and a topic on which are an expert.
Like, if you are a good cook, you should start a food blog OR if you do photography, you should start a photography blog. There are endless options for blogging like you can have a lifestyle blog, travel blog, home décor blog, poetry blog, short story blog, beauty blog, health blog, fitness blog, fashion blog, pet care blog and so on.In short, think like an expert and think what interests you and what knowledge you have that you want to share with the world or on what topic you wish to educate the world… and then decide the niche of the blog.

…and if you want to start a blog because you want your own space, then you can do personal blogging too, where you can share almost anything that you feel like.

This blog of mine was actually a personal blog, when I started it in 2007. I used to share lyrics, day-to-day experiences, thoughts, poems etc. Then gradually, I made this my profession and started blogging on things of my expertise.

Hope these tips would help you in choosing the right niche for your blog.

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