Jord Wood Watches - Luxurious Hand-Crafted Wrist Watches

Jord Wood Watches – Luxurious Hand-Crafted Wrist Watches

Heya!Many of you might not know that I love watches. I have a huge collection of wrist watches from economy brand to the luxury ones. I remember when I was in school, my friends used to call me miss new watch. HaHa! I know it was sarcasm.. But never mind! Actually I had a collection of 24 watches when in school.. So, till 24 days a month I wore different watch everyday. It was a big deal for my friends. Even my friends started gifting me wrist watches on my birthdays. I used to buy every watch I liked in the shop, without thinking about the price and brand.

Since last 3-4 years, I have become quite choosy when it comes to wrist watches. Though, my love of wrist watches is still the same… now I focus more on quality than quantity. Its because when I bought wrist watches in haste, most of the times the watches were kept as it were.. and I never touched ’em.

Right now I have 9 watches and I am totally in love with all. In this post, I am going to introduce you to the newest member of my wrist watch collection.


Jord watches are authentic hand-crafted wood watches that are truly lovable. I have never tried wearing a wood watch. Jord wood watches made this experience really good. It is an American wrist watch company which makes designer hand-crafted wood watches.

It really like the collection in their website and picked this gold wood watch. It is stylish, elegant and luxurious. I can’t stop flaunting it!

Jord Wood Watches - Luxurious Hand-Crafted Wrist Watches
Jord Wood Watches – Luxurious Hand-Crafted Wrist Watches

Indeed Jord is world’s best wood watch makers.

Mine is watch from Frankie series Zebrawood & Champagne which is of $179. You can orders yours directly from Jord Wood Watches official website.
…and I really liked their tagline Hand-crafted wood timepieces that tell a story.


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