Importance Of Custom Domain Name
Importance Of Custom Domain Name

Importance Of Custom Domain Name For Your Blog

If you are  a blogger and are planning to start a blog of your own, the first thing that you must think about is the domain name. Most of the bloggers uses a free domain name which is general in nature. Here are some advantages of using custom domain name for your blog:

A blog with custom domain holds more reputation that a blog with general domain name. There are high possibilities of link exchange. You can also share your blog link on several social media platforms.

A custom domain name reveals how serious you are towards your work. There are several blogs and people wouldn’t prefer all the blogs. More the seriousness of the blog, better is the visitor to your site.

There are several advertising firms that doesn’t accepts the subdomains. If your blog is linked to your business, you might lose your potential customer.

Want to spread a word regarding your articles? Would love seeing some likes and comments on your blogpost? If so, then use a custom domain so that more and more people reads your articles, likes them and shares them.You will also earn a huge fan following.

If you have always wanted to appear in the eyes of search engines, the first step is to opt for a custom domain name.  The page-rank will automatically improve. Search engines gives important to ranks that are higher.

Hope this article has been useful to you. A custom domain name also serves as a trust between the  owner and the readers. It adds value to your writings. There are several companies that deals with domain names. Do get one which is suitable for your business. Do share your feedback with us and let us know if you own a blog.

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