Watermelon Breeze Drink
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Easy To Make Watermelon Breeze Drink (No Alcohol)

Watermelon Breeze Drink
Watermelon Breeze Drink

Hi all…
How is this cool and refreshing climate treating you all? I totally loved the surprise rainfall. Even Hyderabad climate was too good. I totally loved it.

Often people ask me, which is the best cooler (as in, drink) I love the most. I always say Watermelon juice. You see, for me there is nothing like a fresh glass of watermelon juice.

Though, simple watermelon juice is quite easy to make, I would like share another drink that is makde using watermelon juice. Its called Watermelon breeze drink. It is a non-alcoholic and healthy (and refreshing too) drink.

Here’s how to prepare the watermelon breeze drink:
Ingredients For preparing of watermelon breeze drink you need:

One sweet and green water melon
Coconut water with no milk or cream
Fresh lime squeezed
Ice, if required
Sugar, if needed
Mint sprig
Directions for preparation of watermelon breeze drink:

After you have arranged all the ingredients you need you will have to cut the watermelon into small cubes and then place it in the blender.
Then add sugar if required, coconut water and fresh squeezed lime and ice cubes.
Now that you have placed all the ingredients into the blender you will have to blend it until there is a smooth finish. And your drink is now ready.
You can serve with mint leaves and lemon in decoration on the side of the glass.
Truly, the drink will make you relaxed and cool on a hot and stressful day. You can present this watermelon breeze drink in the party or get together celebration. You will be praised and will be asked how you had made this watermelon breeze drink.
The watermelon breeze drink contains only 90 calories per serving, so another benefit. Even the cost of the ingredients is also cheap which will make you more satisfied.
Go for it and you will feel energetic to work, with the awesome taste, flavour and light feeling. Sip it and enjoy!!!

image source: pinterest

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