No-Bake Cheese Cake Recipe
No-Bake Cheese Cake Recipe

Hi friends!

I have found a very easy to cook and liked by my child and their friends in this season. The recipe is of easy no-bake cheese cake. Really I find exactly what matches the taste of a baked cheese cake and is also healthy. During the weekend no-bake cheese cake recipe has become a must in my home. I would suggest you also try this recipe. After all, it’s a cheese cake!

No-Bake Cheese Cake Recipe. The ingredients required are:

1/2 cups of graham crackers in crumbed form
1/3 cups packed brown sugar
1/2 teaspoonful of cinnamon grounded
1/3 butter in a cup melted
2 packages of cheese cream
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
1 pin of heavy whipped cream
1/3 cup of sugar white
1 can of cherry pie for filling

How to make it:

– At first you need to add all the ingredients which are listed above on a bowl and stir it together with the graham cracker crumbs, cinnamon and brown sugar.

– Now add the butter which is melted and then mix well.

– After this, you need to press the whole of it into bottom of the 8 or 10 inches spring kind of pan.

– Now chill in cooling temperature until it is firm.

– Meanwhile in a medium bowl you will beat together the lemon juice and the cheesy cream until it gets softened.

– On to the mix add the whipping cream and then beat t with an electric batter which will make it thick.

– Now add the sugar and then continue to beat till the batter becomes thick. Now pour into a chilled crust and at last top it with pie filling.

– Chill for overnight. Just before serving you must remove the sides of the spring form pan and then serve.

Timing is 30 minutes to prepare and duration requires 1 whole day. Just try it and you will surely repeat it whenever you have all the ingredients ready.

*Submitted by Mrs. B. Ojha

image source – pinterest

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