Cool And Creative Ways To Save Money
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Cool And Creative Ways To Save Money

Cool And Creative Ways To Save Money
Cool And Creative Ways To Save Money

Do not spend money in an extravagant manner and later borrow money. I need not to explain how important money is and therefore, here are some really cool and creative ways to save money:
Do not frequently visit the ATM. Withdraw the amount that you need and not in extra. Save the impulse purchase.
Substitute your soda intake with glass of water. Drink more and more water and avoid colas and soft drinks.
Use Bank card or Credit to reduce the ATM fees.
Keep a check on your grocery purchase. Do not shop junk and unnecessary food.
Check your refrigerator and shelves whether you have the particular item or not. This will prevent you from double purchase.
Quit alcohol! Yes, you read it right! It will not only save money, but also will improve your health. You can take break for a month and decide whether you want to continue with it or stay away from it.
Turn off the electronic gadgets before you retire for the day.Quit smoking and you will be surprised to see the money that you save on monthly basis.
Avoid taking autos to the nearest destination. Ditch the auto and try walking. You will remain fit as well as reach your destination.
Take a daily pass rather than buying tickets for every bus that you board into. You can also opt for monthly pass in case you are frequently going to the same destination.
Try washing your laundry by yourself rather than hiring a professional or hiring maid services.
Purchase a library card rather than buying books. You will not only get to lay your hands on different books, but will also save huge money.
These are some of the best ways to save money in regular basis. A simple act of yours can save you a huge chunk of money. Do try it out and let me know, if you too have some cool and creative ideas to save money!

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