Choosing The Right Platform (Hosting) For Your Blog

Choosing The Right Platform (Hosting) For Your Blog

Choosing The Right Platform (Hosting) For Your Blog
Choosing The Right Platform (Hosting) For Your Blog

Choosing The Right Platform (Hosting) For Your Blog

Hosting plays a very important role. For all those who don’t know, let me tell you hosting means having a place (website/web space) to run your blog.There are 2 types of hosting- free hosting and paid hosting.

And majorly, the blogging world is divided into 3 parts- Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

Here come the terms that you should know and websites that you should be familiar with. Before start with how to choose the right hosting for your blog, first let me introduce you with these three jargon of blogging world.

Blogger- Blogger is a google hosted website where you can create free blogs. Best thing about blogger is, its google-friendly and you can use your own domain without paying extra charges. For more on domains, wait till you reach the next chapter. And yes, I use blogger! (FYI)

WordPress- WordPress is another website that is used to create blogs. This is used to create professional websites and blogs and you will have to pay some amount in order to have your own custom domain.

Tumblr- Tumblr is quite similar to blogger, the only difference it that it gives you independence to create different types of posts like link post, text post or only picture post.

Now coming to the important point- How to choose the right hosting for your blog?

Here are the important points to keep in mind before making this big decision-

1- Am I ready to invest money into this?

2- Buying the hosting is not a one-time investment

3- Should I start with free hosting or paid one?

4- Do I need a custom domain or I will start with free options

When you have the answers of these questions with you, you can take the decision.

I would suggest you to go for blogger as a beginner if you just want to do blogging as a hobby. It is easy to learn and use. If you want to turn your hobby into your profession and earn from your blog like a pro, then buy hosting from bigrock. When you buy hosting, you have control over each and everything in your blog. Free hosting has limitation.

FYI: My hosting is from GoDaddy

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