Choosing A Right Name And Domain Name
Choosing A Right Name And Domain Name

Choosing A Right Name And Domain Name (URL) For Your Blog

Having the right domain name and right name of the blog is really important. The major traffic that you are going to get on your blog will be from the search engines like, yahoo or bing. And therefore, it is very important that you pick a user-friendly, searchable and SEO optimized blog name and URL.

For example, my blog’s name is Anamika Mishra and URL is Keeping a URL or domain name and the blog name same is always a good idea. Though previously, I titled my blog as The Anamika Mishra Blog which also helped a lot.
As this is my official blog, I picked my own name for the URL and blog title. So, it is always good to have your name or your brand’s name if you are opting for a personal blog or an official blog.

I bought my domain name from Bigrock at lowest price. Also, bigrock is easiest of all to install. Even a non-techy can put the custom domain name from bigrock. I have tried GoDaddy as well and found it really confusing.

If you going for a niche oriented blog like food blog then you can pick a URL like and title the blog as Apsara’s Food Blog. (btw, this blog is really good. You must check it out)

You can also pick an uncommon name like ibibo or zynga that is catchy and unique.

Free domains are actually sub-domains like or In order to have a personalized or custom domain name like, go to a website and purchase a domain name for yourself. You will get a custom domain name for as low as 99 INR per year.

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