Career Advices That You Didn’t Learn At The School

Most of the times we are so busy in learning the syllabus such that we remain detached from the practical aspects of life during the school days. The grades and mark sheets are important to us during our school days. And we do not focus much on our career. Here are some important career advices that we didn’t learn at the school:

Career Advices That You Didn’t Learn At The School
Career Advices That You Didn’t Learn At The School | image:pinterest

Aspire and dream:

It is always said that we must take chances on our strengths and not on our weaknesses. However, it is not always true. There are times when you would have aspired for a particular thing, but you wouldn’t be knowing much about it. You can always plunge into it and learn things. Work hard till your skills are developed.

The power of dressing:

Yes, your dressing sense has a lot of impact on your confidence level. Have your ever given importance to your underwear or socks? You must be under the assumption that it hardly matters. But, try wearing matching underwear and see the impact.

Introduce with your full name:

Normally people tend to introduce either with their first name or the last name. Do not make this mistake. Always introduce yourself with your complete name. It leaves a lasting impact. For example: I am Anamika Mishra, not just Anamika or Mishra.

Office Parties:

If you are a girl you are always advised not to drink at the office parties. However, it isn’t true. You can drink to your limits and ensure that you are in your senses. You can also order for cocktails if you do not want to go for hard drinks.

Hope this article has been useful to you. There are several things that you wouldn’t have been taught in the school, but as you grow up, you will learn the do’s and don’t of building a career. Do share your feedback and let me know your opinion on this!


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