Advice For All Of Us Feeling Lost In Our Mid-Twenties

Twenties are one of the best life phases. You complete your studies and jump into a professional field chasing your dreams and making your name in this world. There are several good and bad experiences that we go through when in mid-twenties. There are some emotional and rational decisions that we make as aren’t matured enough to take major decisions. 
Good and bad are part of our twenties, but one shouldn’t lose hope. Time heals everything and one must wait for the right time. Here’s my some cents for those who are lost in twenties:
Anamika Mishra
Cheers To Your Dreams! | Anamika Mishra
The biggest of the battles can be won by smiling. It indicates that you are calm. Be it an exam failure or a heartache, you cannot afford to give up. Do not make permanent decisions based on your temporary experiences. So just stay calm and relaxed.
Utilize the opportunities:
Yes, this is the perfect age where opportunities will knock your door. Do not leave them ignored. Try utilizing every thing that comes to you. If you do not gain much, you will at least gain some experience, isn’t it?
Reading is one habit which must be cultivated right from the early days. You do not have to be studious to read a book. All you need is a passion to read and dig out something new. Be it a fiction or nonfiction, try attempting. You can choose the genre of your choice.
Be it a college tour or a family trip, do not miss it. The best way to learn is to travel. Aim to travel at least once a year. Take a vacation and be at your favourite destination. ,make notes, observe things and plan for your future.
Thus, life doesn’t end with any bad experience, rather it begins. Stop worrying and start living and enjoy this golden phase of mid-twenties. It’s never gonna come back!

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