9 Useful Things You Need On Your Desk Right Now

Your desk says a lot about you. Whether you work from home, or office… the time you spend on your desk counts. Therefore, it is really important that you keep some essential things on your desk that you might require while you work, but you might not get when required. Speaking of my personal experience, I am really a messy person.. and my desk is always full of diaries, papers, notes, pen, and other stationary. Every weekend I clean my desk and remove everything from it except these 9 useful things. 
9 Useful Things You Need On Your Desk Right Now
So, here’s the list of those 9 useful things that you need on your desk, apart from your computer:
1. A pen stand (with pens and pencils of course!)
2. A table lamp (if you work from home or you like to work at night)
3. A notepad (very important)
4. A paper weight. 
5. A small calender with clock 
6. Power bank/Charger
7. Paper clips
8. Mini kit of things you like! This can be mini harry potter or smurf dolls, fairyland accessories, zen garden etc. These little things help you stay calm and positive.
9. Small plants, to add life to your desk!
Do you want to add anything to this list? Do lemme know via comments section below. 
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