5 Reasons You Need To Go To Bed Early Tonight

You slept late last night? …and night before last night too! Perhaps the night before that. Deep inside you know you should be going to bed earlier than your regular time (i.e. after 12:30 AM) but often you feel helpless because you can’t convince your mind to go to bed early. You feel you have nothing to do and probably you spend time on social media or may be chit chatting, than sleeping. But there are really important reasons that you need to sleep earlier. 
5 Reasons You Need To Go To Bed Early Tonight
Here are some darn awesome reasons to get in bed early from tonight. A healthy lifestyle requires good amount of sleep. Let me help you get started with this:
Reason 1. …because good amount of sleep means healthy mind and soul. 
Reason 2. …because sleeping early can help you lose weight. Though, the link between losing weight and early sleeping, but a good night’s sleep can help you pull up your socks for the next day with more energy. Also, if you sleep early tonight, you will get up early tomorrow morning, means you’ll get time to head to the gym. 
Reason 3. …because  your body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of night sleep. This helps function your brain properly. It also increases concentration.
Reason 4. …because sleeping late night can give you dark circles. 
Reason 5. …because you have got a beautiful bedroom and a comfy bed. Be lazy and sleep early!
…above all, remember Early to bed early to risk, makes the men healthy wealthy and wise!
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