Sad Music

Why Sad Music Actually Makes You Feel Good?

Sad Music
Sad Music

Music is the essence of life and one chooses it, no matter what state of mind they are. Be it a sad situation or a happy one, we always feel connected to our favorite music. You might be surprised to know that sad music actually makes you feel good. Research says that people tend to choose sad music because they find the music more beautiful and the lyrics more meaningful than the peppy songs. They feel connected to the lyrics and reminds them of several memories.

When the memories are triggered, the listener connects a chord with the music which enhances their mood, thus making you feel good about it. The happiness hormones definitely sees a rise with the increase in the mood.

Sometimes, sad music works as an inspiration. There could be music related to war, crime, rapes and so on. The music could be made in glory of the survivors of the war. Such type of music increases the adrenaline rush in the human beings, motivating them to do things that they have always wanted to. Thus, a message is conveyed in the form of such music.

Human beings are all connected with emotions.There are certain emotions that leaves a mark on the lives of people. When the listener listens to sad music, they feel connected to the lyrics. Such songs are chosen when they want to re-experience the same emotions. Thus, identifying one’s own feelings is the best way to sort out things.

There is music which has high aesthetic value in the industry. They are not only sung beautifully, but are also a treat to the soul. The listeners prefer high aesthetic music to concert and concentrate on it. Sometimes, music can be a distractor as well. However, most of the times it serves as a break from monotonous and continuous work. It increases concentration power and makes feel one fresh and lively.

Ever thought that sad music works as a memory trigger? Yes, people connect certain music with certain situations. When, one wants to go through the same emotions again, the same music is played by the listener to build that connect. The emotion level differs from individual to individual. Thus, sad people tends to become happy or feel relieved when they play sad music that they are connected to.

Thus, no longer sad music creates a negative influence on the human mind. More and more people are switching to music to de-stress themselves. Research also acknowledges that music has great impact on human emotions. The music industry is expanding and various genre of music is produced. People no longer have likings towards a single music. They love experimenting with music and would switch to it as per their mood. Next time, when you are depressed, play your favorite sad song,  enjoy the lyrics and connect yourself. Smile and cherish those emotions.

Do share your experience with me and let me know if sad music really made you feel good?

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