Choice Of Music

Know What Your Choice Of Music Reveals About Your Personality

Choice Of Music
Choice Of Music

Music has a lot of impact on our soul, mind and overall personality. We wouldn’t have given a thought about it, but we are definitely being judged on the basis of music. Creativity, productivity, emotional balance and mood fluctuations are correlated to the music that we choose. Most of us play music depending upon the situations and do not stick to one particular genre.

There are times when we love jazz, whereas there are time when instrumental attracts us. Music also plays a role in enhancing the mood. When was the last time when you took a break from your regular schedule and concentrated on some lyrics?  Do think about it and also focus on your mood swings. You will surely agree that there was a change in your emotional level after listening to music. There are many genres in music and your choice of music reveals a lot about your personality.

Know What Your Choice Of Music Reveals About Your Personality-

Pop Music:

If you love pop albums, say the latest hits of Rihanna or Selena Gomez, you are said to be honest, conventional and extroverted. You are low in creativity, but have high self-esteem. You are also considered to  be hard-working.


Rap is more in fashion these days. You do not need a great voice to  to sing a rap. If you are a fan of rap music, you are said to be outgoing, violent and slightly aggressive in nature. You also love to meet people and strike conversation with them. You love experimenting and exploring and believe in living life to the fullest.

Rock/Heavy metal:

The music is very loud and aggressive, however, not the ones who love the heavy metal. People who love heavy metal are said to be gentle and docile. They are highly creative and believes in thinking out of the box. They tend to possess low-self esteem and are introvert in nature. The choice of music and the personality is completely different.


Classical music has its roots set right from the ancient times. It has a huge impact on the mind and the soul. People who have a flair for classical music are creative in nature and have high self-esteem. They are introvert and have their own shell. They are intellectual and prefer talking matter of substance than merely gossiping.


People who are inclined towards jazz are said to be creative and extrovert. They are loaded with high self-esteem and possess great confidence level. They are intelligent.

Thus, the genre of music also has an impact on our personality. We are choosy with the kind of music that we love. The moment we hear some music, we tend to forget the sorrow in the world and get connected to it. Such is the power of music.

Our personality differs and the best way to understand others is by knowing the type of music that they prefer. Do share your feedback with me and let me know if the music personality test has worked out for you.

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