Importance Of Navigation System In Cars

An automobile navigation system is typically, satellite based. The navigation systems make use of many different technologies and parameters. Car manufacturers, Navigation system manufacturers and Map data makers work together to develop navigation systems that are precise and accurate, in coordination with the geographical position of roads and landmarks. A typical navigation system has a GPS, a visual display unit, audio unit, computer processor and a map database. Other features like, traffic density calculator, language preferences,inclusion of various points of interest like hotels, pools, petrol pumps etc. Other interesting features like speed alert, live view etc can also be incorporated if, cost is not a deterrent for you.

If you are a lone driver, especially in a city where you are not very well versed with the routes, then  having a car with inbuilt navigation system is quite important. Though, the smartphones nowadays have GPS, it is not very convenient to look at the screen of every now and then if, you are driving alone. Also, if you are a type who likes listening to music or talk through bluetooth device while driving then, an inbuilt navigation system in car is a more practical option for you than smartphones based GPS. Also, you cannot always depend upon the network connectivity of your smartphones.

Importance Of Navigation System In Cars

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For women, who need to drive back home during late hours of evening or early mornings, an in car navigation system helps in accurately guiding them through the routes for a safer journey and they do not have to rely on strangers to ask for way.

GPS system in cars also improves their resale value and you can get a better price when you want to sell of your used car as it is counted as a luxury feature. No doubts, the GPS enhances the look of the car since navigation systems have large screen an beautiful graphics.

On the downside, if you want to get a navigation system installed in your car, it would weigh quite heavily on your pocket ranging somewhere between $500 to $2000. However, if you do not want to spend so much, then a portable GPS would be a good alternative for you. Another plus point being, even if you have multiple cars, you can shift the device from one device to other.

Another negative point about the inbuilt navigation systems in cars is that, they might need to be upgraded regularly to be totally accurate since these run on pre-made DVDs rather than using internet which gives real-time directions. Getting upgrade of navigation systems means, you have to be ready to pay a handsome cost and spending some time at the dealership.

So, basically like everything else a navigation system in cars also have their own set of positives and loopholes as compared to smartphone and tablet based GPS navigation systems that run on data services. Motor vehicle manufacturers are now working towards developing a hybrid between conventional navigation systems and mobile apps that use GPS.

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