Impact Of Bollywood

Impact Of Bollywood On Indian Youth

The mere word Bollywood brings a smile on my face. Yes, the exotic locations, weddings, beautiful costumes, makeup and what not. These all describes Bollywood and it has an impact on each one of our lives. Bollywood has lot of impact on Indian Youth. Gone are the days when movies were meant only for entertainment. Today, most of the fashion style and icons are chosen from Bollywood. Bollywood has become next to religion these days. Let us take the example of Indian weddings.

Impact Of Bollywood
Impact Of Bollywood

Be it the attire or the jewellery, we look up to Bollywood actors and actresses to look just like them. Their outfits are just so apt that we cannot resist copying them. We unconsciously try imitating them. Be it the reception stage or the wedding mandap, Bollywood has an influence.

There was a time when people merely looked movies as a source of entertainment. Commercial movies were always on high and were more successful. People watched movies and forgot them. But, today the youth have become more advanced. They appreciate arts in all the forms. More and more non-commercial movies are being released. The content oriented movies are being preferred by the audiences. The way cinema was perceived a decade ago is no longer the same it is today.

There are many society oriented movies that conveys a message to the society. There are patriotic movies that makes us proud of our country. There are biographies that throws light on the achievements of great souls. All these movies makes us ponder and ignites our mind. A simple movie which has substance brings changes in the society as well as the mindset of people. The youths are both positively as well negatively influenced by the movies.

More and more youths are trying to take the negatives from the money. The so-called culture has a different meaning these days. Relationships have lost the substance and love is no longer love. People have tried changing their dressing style based on the movies they have been inspired by. More and more brand endorsements are taking place in the movies, attracting the viewers to vouch for the product. Celebrity endorsement has also become common and trust me it has lot of impact on the Indian youth. Bollywood actors are considered as an idol and one would be surprised to know their fan following. People are more eager to use the products which are recommended by their idols.

Thus, Bollywood definitely triggers the minds of Indian youth. It sets a thought process and allows them to think. Be it good or bad, the choice is always on the viewers. There are great movies wherein inspiration can be taken from. At the same time, there are commercial movies, wherein people just enjoy them. Hope this article has been useful to you.

Do share your feedback and let me know which Bollywood movie has left a lasting impression on you.

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