Leo Tolstoy

Fantastico Books By Leo Tolstoy You Must Read

Leo Tolstoy
Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy is the name that doesn’t needs an introduction. He was a great Russian novelist who was born on 9-Sept-1828. He is one of the most remarkable names in the history of literature. He was not just a novelist but he also wrote essays, plays and short stories. Gandhi ji was true admirer of Tolstoy. You will be fascinated to know that he was an anarchist and because of this, he was watched by Russian secret police. Leo Tolstoy was really a good human being. After the success of Anna Karenina, he became very rich. But he didn’t keep all of his money with himself, instead he gave away major portion of his wealth to the local beggars.Many people thought that Leo is a saint who wanders around. His life was full of struggle but have inspired by great minds of the world. Even today, Leo Tolstoy’s stories are a part of academics in schools. I remember, I too had some stories by Leo Tolstoy in my English literature course books.

Only a true literature lover will understand the depth of the stories and books by Tolstoy. I have read many books by Leo Tolstoy. They all were amazing.

Today in this post, I have going to share the list of 4 best books by Leo Tolstoy. If you love reading classic literature you must read the below listed books!!

#1- Anna Karenina

It was released in the year 1877 and is considered as the best work by Leo Tolstoy. The character Anna was somehow linked with Leo’s death. He died at a train station where, his character Anna Karenina came to her end, which scholars just not take as a co-incidence. Though, it has been proved that Leo didn’t through himself under a train but still, researchers believe that Leo’s death was a poetic fashion.

#2- What Men Live By

It was released in the year 1885. This is a short story collection by Leo Tolstoy. The stories revolves around a humble and kind shoemaker Simon. The essence of philosophy makes the stories more interesting and generous.

#3- War and Peace

This is one of the finest works in the world of literature. It was published in the year 1869. The story revolves around Napoleonic wars and 1812 French invasion of Russia. It has over 400,000 word and is considered amongst the lengthiest novels so far.

#4- A Confession

A confessions is a short work by Tolstoy. It was released in 1882. This work was actually Leo’s religious thoughts and perceptions where author tries to find the answers that are related cultures and religions.

So this was my list of 4 must read works by Leo Tolstoy. You can also read ‘The kingdom of God is within you’, ‘Family happiness’ and ‘The Cossacks’ which are equally remarkable and must read for every literature lover.

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