7 Fantastico Ways to Get Rid of Depression

Depression is bad! but sooner or later, everyone is engulfed by it. Regular mood swings and depression-pangs can lead to a bad phase. It must be cured at an early stage to prevent further damages to health. It stresses the person mentally and if the level of depression is higher, it can turn into a disease. In this post, I am going to share the most effective ways to get rid of depression. So, if you get depression-pangs, try these… because prevention is better than cure! And depression is that dangerous issue which can stake your life!
Here are the 7 fantastico ways to get rid of depression:
7 Fantastico Ways to Get Rid of Depression
1. Happy Diet:
Food has lot of impact on an individual’s mind. It can even influence your thought process. When you are depressed, eat food that makes you happy.Serotonin are the happiness hormones and foods that enhances serotonin levels must be consumed. Try eating chocolates, flax seeds, eggs and healthy fatty acids. You will surely feel the change.
2. Decrease your caffeine level:
Caffeine is said to increase your energy levels for a short tenure. However, if you are depressed, it is a strict no-no. The instant boost will not enhance your mood. Thus, it is better to avoid coffee and products that has caffeine content in it.
3. Intake of Green tea:
Green tea is the new buzz in the health industry. It has numerous benefits to health. It is an antioxidants which benefits the body. Apart from that, it also has  L-theanine which deals with depression. You can either purchase green tea bags or else get the green tea leaves. Take is thrice a day. You can add few drops of fresh lemon drops to it. This will also improve your digestion process.
4. Meditate:
This is an ancient practice and has been fruitful since the old age times. Meditation is the way to keep your mind calm and relax. It will help you to focus on important things and leave the rest. You might be restless in the beginning stage, but you will get a hang of it once you start practicing.
5. Exercise:
The best way to stay physically as well as mentally fit is to exercise. Choose the exercise that you enjoy. It could be yoga, aerobics, gym or any other form of fitness, Never exercise with a mental block.
6. Munch pumpkin seeds:
Pumpkin seeds can boost your mood in no time. Munch few seeds everyday and see the positive impact of it.
7. Join a hobby:
Keeping yourself busy is the best way to fight with depression. There are times when you wouldn’t feel like doing anything and this will add to your depression. Take an initiative and keep your will power strong. Join a hobby class that will not only keep you occupied, but will also help you to cope-up with depression.
Hope this article has been useful to you. Depression is a stage wherein people find it difficult to deal with it. However, there isn’t anything impossible. All one needs is a strong will power. If the level of depression goes severe, do consult a psychiatrist. Do share your ways of dealing with depression!

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