7 Fantastico Dishes You Must Eat In Kolkata
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7 Fantastico Dishes You Must Eat In Kolkata

7 Fantastico Dishes You Must Eat In Kolkata
7 Fantastico Dishes You Must Eat In Kolkata

Kolkata is a land of art and culture. Not only this, but it is a heaven for foodies. After-all, who is not aware of Mishti-Doi and Roshogullas? But there so many more dishes that you must try in Kolkata. Here are 7 fantastico dishes you must eat in Kolkata.

7 Fantastico Dishes You Must Eat In Kolkata


Ask someone about phuchka, and if he belongs to Kolkata, he is sure to vouch for it. They are popularly known as a Gol-Gappa by the rest of the world. These phuchkas are served with meetha pani and teekha pani along with beans or mashed potatoes.


The spicy jhalmuri made of puffed rice is a must try in Kolkata. i bet you cannot find the same taste elsewhere.  Chopped onions, chanas, tomatoes, mustard oil and green chillies are added in the puffed rice.


It is a Bengali dish which is made out of chickpeas. The dried green peas are boiled and chopped onions, lemon and green chilli is added to add flavour to it. You are sure to love the taste if you try some hot Ghugni.

Papri Chaat

Though Papri Chaat is popular in North India, but the authentic taste can be found in Kolkata. The deep fried chips are mashed and chopped onions. chilly powder, salt and other spices are added.Boiled potatoes and tomatoes are added. Yogurt is added on the papri chaat to make it more tastier.


Samosas are known as shingora in Kolkata.  It is  triangle shape and is deep friend. The ingredients used ranges from potatoes, peanuts, garam masala and so on. It is usually eaten with ketchups and chutneys. It is mostly seen in all the bakeries and is a snack item.


If you are under the assumption that you cannot find Chinese cuisines in Kolkata, you are absolutely wrong. The fried noodles are topped with fried scrambled eggs and with chicken strips. Vegetables like onion, carrot and radish are added to the noodles. Ketchup is also poured in it which will  add to the taste. Both tomato and chilli sauces are added.


This is Kolkata’s own dish and is a perfect dessert to try out. There are various flavors in kulfi. You can try out badam kulfi, mango kulfi, elaichi kulfi and lots more.

The list doesn’t end here. The food lovers will have ample choices to try out various cuisines.  And guess what, the prices are very friendly and can be easily afforded. There is no compromise on taste and quality. You can visit the restaurants or the food street to try out these cuisines. There are special places in Kolkata which are popular for certain cuisines. You can explore the city and find out more and more about the cuisine centers.Do satisfy your taste buds with these amazing dishes of Kolkata. Share your feedback with us.

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