Inspiring Books

5 Inspiring Books That Have Made A Great Impact On Me

Inspiring Books
Inspiring Books

I am an avid reader. Now the world knows this. My addiction of reading books is to such an extent that I have to read before I go to sleep at night. So, when not having a physical books I read on kindle. These days, I don’t have my kindle with me, because I have sent for replacement. (Broke it in December ’15) So these days, I am using my iPhone 6 plus as my ebook reading device.Books can really inspire us and change our lives. Whether it a fictional book or a non-fictional, inspiring story and well-crafted phrases strongly makes an impact on our lives. Books makes us learn with an open mind and takes us to world of endless wonders, possibilities and inspiration.

Being a bibliophile, I have read all types of books. From historical to biographical to picture books to fiction to non-fiction to classic to sci-fi and lots. But there are some books that have made a great impact on me. These books have inspired me like never before.

So, I decided to share the 5 inspiring books that have made a great impact on me.

Here goes the list of best inspiring books that have made not only me, but millions of people change their thought and perception towards life.

1. The monk who sold his Ferrari:

The monk who sold his Ferrari is authored by Robin Sharma. It is a wonderful story that teaches us the effective lessons for improving our lives. It is an enjoyable, enlightening and inspirational book that everyone should read.

2. The Alchemist

We are talking about inspirational books, how can we forget The Alchemist by my favorite Paulo Coelho. Although, all of his books are very inspiring and enlightening, but this one is the first of the genre. Truly a must read for everyone.

3. The seven spiritual laws of success

Authored by Deepak Chopra, this is a book which offers a life altering perspective for attaining success. It takes you on a path to eternal happiness and success. This book has Deepak Chopra at his best!!

4. To kill a mockingbird

To kill a mocking bird is authored by Harper Lee. It is an American classic book that explores the effects of intolerance, prejudice, compassion and courage. One a book poll held in America declared this book even more inspirational than Bible.

5. Long walk to freedom

Long walk to freedom is an autobiography of the former South African President Nelson Mandela. This book has a lot to teach. It is an incredible and remarkable book that includes Nelson sir’s incidents and experience when he spend 27 years of his life in a prison under the apartheid regime.

If you have not read these books then I strongly recommend you to read these books. Trust me, these ARE life changing books if taken seriously!

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