14 Things Every Music Lover Will Relate

14 Things Every Music Lover Will Relate

14 Things Every Music Lover Will Relate
14 Things Every Music Lover Will Relate

There is only one thing in the world that can fix almost everything and that is MUSIC. I am a huge music lover. Of course, I have written an entire novel (VoiceMates) revolving around the love and passion for music. This says it all for love for music. Yes, I love music. When I am not writing or reading, I am with music!

And I truly believe in the powers of music. It actually has healing powers that can enhance one’s life. But in this post, I am not going to talk serious stuff but there are some things that every music lover faces.

If you are a music lover, then I am these 15 things you will surely relate to yourself.

1. You are more excited for an upcoming live concert happening in your city than a new movie release. (by the way, did you know Coldplay is coming to India to perform?)

2. You don’t have a specific genre to listen. As long as it’s good and soothes you, you’ll love it.

3. You imagine yourself performing on a rock song like rockstar, or if you are in love with someone, you imagine yourself and your love together dancing on a romantic song.

4. Your song choice depends upon your current life situation. Like if you are in love, you will listen love songs, if you had a break up… you will listen sad songs!

5. For you, the most important thing you look in your partner is a similar taste in music. Looks are secondary.

6. You feel the happiest when you hear your favorite song on radio after a long time.

7. When people appreciate the songs and take names of the actors, you actually correct them by telling that it’s not HIS (actor’s) song but it’s actually HIS (singer’s) song. He (singer) is responsible for the real magic.

8. Your headphones are your prized possessions.

9. If you love a song, you listen to it on a repeat mode, update it on social media and hmmm it all day until to find another song to obsess over.

10. If your favorite band’s song has been released, you are the first one in your group to download it. (And of course, you brag about having it heard before your friends).

11. You start judging people the moment they say they don’t like music.

12. Your playlist have almost all songs from all eras and genres.

13. You are a mini encyclopedia of lyrics and albums.

14. You prefer karaoke nights!

These were some really interesting things that hardcore music lover will relate to! I am glad that I am surrounded by people who love music. Not only friends, but my family too loves music. And this gives my motivation to keep up with my madness for music. What about you?

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