12 Fantastico Gifts For Book Lovers

We all have that cousin or friend who is a bibliophile and keep us telling about the recent book she/he has read… and of course, never fails to advice you to read the same. (In my group, I’m the one) πŸ˜‰ And when it comes to gifting, you always end up buying the latest book has released a week back and silently you pray that he/she haven’t read the book. And oh, that heartbreak when you get to hear, ‘Umm… thanks for this but I already finished reading it last night!’

Well, break the routine and try gifting these adorable and fun gift options that a book lover will surely love!

12 Fantastico Gifts For Book Lovers

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A ‘good book’ spoon:
A simple spoon with ‘good book’ engraved in it is a sweet and sober gift idea for book lovers.

Book Perfume:
Who on earth doesn’t love the smell of an old book. Book perfumes are available in market easily at affordable price.

Book-Shaped Light:
A book-shaped light will be a perfect gift for a book lover. He or she can keep it on their bedside table or place it between the books in their book shelf.

A Clip-on reading light:
A clip on reading light is truly a wonderful idea. You can get these easily in stores. I too have one. I gift it to myself while travelling and bought it from bargain books hut store in the airport. 

Book-print Bed-sheet:
What can be better than sleeping on beautifully printed words and quotes just like a book? This is indeed a beautiful gift for a book lover.

Book-shaped match-boxes:
Aww! This is really a cute gift idea. You can keep a secret letter or note inside the box too.

Harry Potter Time Turner Charm:
This is an awesome gift for potter lovers. I got a harry potter time turner pendent as a gift from my secret santa this year. It is so far one of the best gifts I have ever got. You can also make someone’s day by gifting this!

Book-print Glass jars:
These glass jars are really cute. The person to whom you will gift these, will be able to use it for keeping coins or important notes or receipts.

Novel Teas with Quotes:
Novel teas is brand of tea which comes with book-type packing. It has beautiful quotes written on it. See the picture below. It is available on etsy to buy!

Jane Eyre Locket:
Here is yet another beautiful literary gift. Jane Eyre locket is something that a true book lover is going to love it.

Book Earrings:
If you are planning to give a book inspired gift to a girl, then go for these book shaped earrings. This are cute and stylish.

Transparent paper-weight:
This is a new kind of paper-weight that will help the reader to read the book hassle-free!

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