11 Fantastico Ways To Maintain Health In Day To Day Routine

It is a latest trend now a days to go on for detox plans, weight loss diet plans, workout programs. etc But instead of taking up these, why don’t you change your lifestyle? Small little changes in your lifestyle can help you stay healthier and fit for long term. In this post, I am going to share 11 simple yet fantastico ways that will help you maintain your health in day to day routine.
Here are the 11 fantastico ways to maintain health in day to day routine:
11 Fantastico Ways To Maintain Health In Day To Day Routine
#1 Wake up just 15 minutes early each morning and take time to walk around the block in order to breathe in some fresh air. Oxygen stimulates your brain and makes you feel active instantly. Practice deep breathing after your 10 minute walk. It has been proven that deep breathing or pranayama has the potential to keep many respiratory diseases at bay.It is also supposed to slow down the pace of ageing.
#2 Have a wholesome breakfast.The breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day as it kick starts your metabolism. An ideal breakfast should be  rich in proteins, high in fibre and vitamins. So, eggs along with multi-grain bread and a glass or fresh fruit juice seems like a good idea.If you are a vegetarian, you can go for paneer made from low fat milk.Also, always try and include nuts in your breakfast.A good breakfast keeps you feeling energetic all day long.
#3 Make it a habit to snack on fresh, seasonal vegetables like: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce Salad Leaves, Radish and Carrots as a part of your mid morning snack.
#4 Include green tea in your daily routine. When taken in moderation, it boosts the antioxidant levels of your body, regulates blood pressure, lowers fats and helps you lose weight. So, two cups of Green tea, one after lunch and another after dinner at a gap of around 30 minutes helps to keep you healthy.
#5 Listen to music that calms your soul each day. Instrumental and soft music acts as a therapy to soothe down an anxious mind. Mental health and physical health always go hand in hand.
#6 Instead of three heavy meals, take relatively lighter meals in 5 to 6 parts. This keeps your metabolism active throughout the day.
#7  Switch your cooking oil. Go for varieties of cooking oils that are rich in PUFA. Better still, get an air fryer that markedly reduces the quantity of oil required for frying your food.
#8 Include a cardio exercise that can be brisk walking, swimming, Zumba, aerobics or cardio training in gym in your daily routine for half an hour each day.This increases your heart rate and keeps the fat burning mechanisms active.
#9 Stay away from gossip and energy vampires. Life is too short to criticize things or people. Negativity invariably weighs down upon your health making you feel irritated and less productive.
#10 Sleep at same time each day allowing your body at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep each day. At night, while you sleep, your body reverses the damage and wear and tear that happened to the cells and tissues during the day.So, keep that television and cell phone switched off and take plenty of rest to help your body revive and regenerate.
#11 Be thankful for what you have and accept opportunities with a smile because it is your attitude that makes you happy and healthy.

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