11 Fantastico Facts About Dinosaurs That Will Leave You Astound


Dinosaurs are extinct creatures. It is really hard to find someone who is not fascinated by these big creatures. And if you talk about me, I am someone who has always been fascinated by archeology. At one point, I wanted to become an archeologist who wanted to do research on Dinosaurs. It might sound weird, but its a truth. We can blame the Jurassic Park movies for the same or even our science classes in school. We all know the fact that millions of years ago, before there were humans on Earth, Dinosaurs used to rule the globe.

Though, scientists are still researching on Dinosaurs but there are some really interesting facts about Dinosaurs that researchers have found

Here are 11 fantastico facts about Dinosaurs that you might not know!

1) The era when Dinosaurs lived on Earth is actually known as MESOZOIC era, that is about 65 million years ago from today!

2) Spielberg wanted to be accurate while filming the Jurassic Park movie. So he hired paleontologists who were the main consultants during the movie was shot. They suggested about the physical characteristics and behavior of the dinosaurs.

3) The first dinosaur bone structure was recorded 3500 years ago in China. People didn’t know much about Dinosaurs then, and thought that the teeth and bones found were of dragon’s.

4) Dinosaurs lived on every part of the globe including south pole.

5) The carnivorous dinosaurs have had bones filled with air. Even now, some birds have these kind of hollow bones.

6) The biggest plant eater dinosaur recorded was 35 meters long. It was called as Argentinosaurus.

7) There were some dinosaurs which were warm blooded while some were cold blooded.

8) Explorer Roy Chapman Andrews was the first human to find a real dinosaur nest in 1923 in Gobi Desert, Mongolia.

9) Of all the theories about how Dinosaurs became extinct, the theory about Yucatan Peninsula appears to be accurate to the scientists. The theory stated that there was 1 massive meteorite (with having 6 miles of diameter) that hit Yucantan Peninsule in Mexico which was caused 112-mile wide crater about 65.5 million years ago. It is believed that only few animals like lizards, turtles, snacks, birds, jellyfish, scorpions, sharks and crocodiles survived this massive destruction.

10) The word ‘Dinosaur’ was coined by Richard Owen in 1842 who was a British paleontologist. The word is a Greek term that means a terrible lizard.

11) Few scientists believe that birds are surviving genetically modified species of Dinosaurs. So, logically and scientifically, Dinosaurs are not extinct.

Ain’t these facts about dinosaurs simply fantastico? I have a science background and facts like these have always fascinated me. I really hope you enjoyed reading this piece of information as much as I enjoyed researching and creating it for you!

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