Powerful Bollywood Movies

10 New-Age Powerful Bollywood Movies That Left A Great Impact

Powerful Bollywood Movies
Powerful Bollywood Movies

While most Indian Bollywood movies are full of mirch masala and mindless humour, there are some that try to bring about a change by putting across a social message to the audience. Here is a list of 10 such movies that made an impact:

#1 Airlift

Let us start with the latest one, a movie that created waves in Bollywood and has much more to offer than sheer Bollywood Masala. Covering all the aspects of how Indians established their camp in Kuwait under the leadership of some great men who considered it as their prime duty to protect their people in tough times. The Selfless service towards own countrymen and the endeavours of Indian air force have been applauded in the flick. A must watch for every  person who harbours patriotism in their hearts.

#2 Mary Kom

The movie depicted the struggle of the boxer, Mary Kom was discouraged a lot on family front, by her father an mocked upon by boys. She had also go through struggles of womanhood like pregnancy & childbirth which took a toll upon her career. Eventually, her passion for boxing and the vigour to excel in the sport overcame all obstacles. The movie, based on the life of Mary Kom highlights the sad fact that Indian sports people are not duly rewarded.

#3 Swades

This movie focuses on the concept of brain drain. A scientist from NASA, who is an Indian by birth, visits his hometown on a vacation and is so touched by the fact that his own village lacks much in development that he decided to use his intellect and financial resources o establish a hydro electricity unit in his village. Eventually, he decides to come back to India and work for the welfare of his own nation rather than serving at NASA.

#4 Bajirao Mastani

The movie is about true, passionate love that kindled in spite of differences in religion, caste and creed. Also, this movie puts a light on the fact that in those times, the empire was above all relations and sentiments. The first loyalties were to the throne.

#5 Chak De

This Shah Rukh starrer flick, revived our interest in Hockey which was a game forgotten by Indians, in spite of being the national game. This beautifully portrays how, girls from different backgrounds come together to play as a team and make India proud by winning the finals. It also focusses on how the victory of the team is much more important than personal laurels when you play together.

#6 Tare Zameen Par

The sad reality that parents in India always want their child to be the best in studies and extracurricular activities and often nib their budding talents in the bud.Darsheel safari played a kid who suffered from Dyslexia and could not read properly and concentrate well therefore could not excel academically. However, he was very good at paintings but his dad used to reprimand him to discourage him badly. When they finally figured out that their child was Dyslexic, the parents refuse to acknowledge it. Aamir Khan guided and helped the boy to read and write better. The movie pleads the parents to have realistic expectations from their children.

#7 3 Idiots

Again a bollywood flick that emphasized the problems that college going students have to face  constant stress of deadlines, submitting projects, getting good marks and placements. Students are often judged on basis of their marks  rather than on the fact that how clear their concepts and application skills are. The movie discourages cramming and bookish knowledge for the sake of it and tries to hint that India’s study system needs to get more application based!!

#8 Bajrangi Bhaijaan

The story of a man who goes out his way to help a speechless child reach her home in a hilly area of Pakistan. His struggle to understand a child’s psychology and read her signs when she cannot speak to figure out where she lives. The sweet bond of selfless love between a 6 year old Pakistani girl and an India mam, who considers himself her Maama. Bajrangi faces all sorts of political and physical tortures to help the girl reach her parents. The movie says, ‘Humanity is the prime religion‘.

#9 Table number 21

Though the movie did not perform very well at the box office probably due to average budget and not so starry caste! It leaves a powerful message to discourage ragging in colleges. An innocent boy is harassed to a point where he loses his mental balance.The trauma he goes through while seniors insult, physically injure and abuse him leave permanent scars on his personality. The victim’s father plans revenge against the seniors, many years down the line and makes them realize their grave mistake.

#10  Oh my God

The movie beautifully demarcated between belief and blind faith.The message was put across in a subtle and humorous manner so that sentiments of people do not get hurt. It throws light into sad reality that many temples and missions that run in the name of god are misusing the money for their personal growth and enjoyment rather than using it fr welfare of society and country.

What do you have to say about these movies?

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