Happy New Year Peeps! + My New Year Resolutions

Heya People,
Wishing you a very merry HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016. May all your dreams and wishes come true and may you be blessed with lots of happy moments this year!
Every year I write my new year resolutions in my diary! It’s not that I didn’t want to share it with anyone, but the real reason is that if I fail, no one knows… I can lie that I was a successful in keeping up with my new year resolutions. Ahh! Take it as a confession. 
But this year, I decided to write it here… on my blog! 
2 reasons behind this:
1) If I’d fail, everyone would know… there’s no sneaking out!
2) I’d try to work on these more seriously, because I don’t wanna fail!
So, here’s the list of my new year resolutions
– Complete writing 3 books (at least)
– Maintain 1 blog a day rule (allowed to break this rule on my birthday and special occasion.)

– Expand the categories of blogging (…& maintain it)

– Lose weight (Though, I already got rid of extra inches last month. Reduced from L to M.)
– Grow nails (not the vampy ones, but yes… get rid off chewing ’em when nervous)
– Travel more, write more, read more
– Get rid off coffee addiction 
– Try not to trust people when meeting them for the first time!
So… this was my list! I hope I keep up with this all through the year. 
What’s in your list?

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