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First Creative Writing Workshop In Mumbai

So, if you follow me on social media (insta, Fb or twitter) you must be knowing that today I conducted my first workshop in Mumbai.

This is basically a creative writing workshop but it turned into an interview session for me. As it was my first workshop, I wanted to keep the number of participants less. So, I was ready for 12 participants but I got 18, which was not an easy task for me to handle.

Anamika Mishra
Anamika Mishra

To start with, I asked everyone to switch off their cellphones as some were seeking permission to make videos or click pics. Anyway, so all in all it was a good experience.

Key Highlights of the workshop were:

*Getting started with your first book

*Crack the code of the publishing industry

*Secrets of starting a kick-ass writing career

I was glad to see that people from almost all age groups participated, youngest participant was 16 years old girl and eldest were 42 years old Mr. Goyal.

I am happy with what knowledge I shared and I am more than happy to see their responses.

I think, Mumbai likes me! 🙂

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