Best Christmas Movies

The Best Christmas Movies (My Most Favorite Ones)

I love Christmas!! Yes, I do! I love the season, its festivities, Christmas preparations, Christmas carols, Christmas songs and of-course the Christmas movies. I wait for December not just because of my birthday but because of Christmas  and Christmas movies. During this time, Star Movies and HBO becomes my favorite channels on TV. And yes, Romedy now too! So, here is the list of the best and my most favorite Christmas movies. Gosh, I just love them all and because of this reason, I am not numbering the list… because all are my favorites!

Best Christmas Movies
Best Christmas Movies

So, don’t wait much! Celebrate Christmas and watch these wonderful movies on Christmas:

#. Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

Call me a kid, I don’t care but I LOVE this movie!

#. Jingle All The Way – 1996

I love Arnold and his fight for the Turbo-man!! I want one toooo!! And yes, this is THE MOST FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE of mine. Totally love it.

#. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas – 2000

Ehh, did you know… It Jim as Grinch and I totally love him!! Grinch is NOT scary!! I totally agree with that little girl in the movie.

#. Home Alone – 1990

That kid (not really a kid now, Macaulay Culkin) is really smart!! Merry Christmas to the Villains!!

#. The Santa Clause – 1994

If you don’t believe in Magic, do watch this movie… I am sure you will start believing in it!

#. The Polar Express – 2004

I wish I was in the Polar express too, to see Santa’s place! I too would have sneaked out Elves and the gift place!

#. Miracle on 34th Street – 1947

This is truly a classic and magical movie. If you like watching old English classics, do watch this one!

#. Elf – 2003

Just one word for this movie- ‘CUTE’

#. A Christmas Story – 1983

This is yet another classic Christmas movie that one MUST watch if one loves to watch classic movies.

#. Home Alone 2 – 1992

This kid is totally winning my heart!! Home Alone 2, again on my list !!

So, this was my magical list of best Christmas Movies. Did I miss any? Tell me and enjoy the Christmas seasons with these wonderful Christmas Movies!!


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