#LOL- Is Your Phone Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

#LOL- Is Your Phone Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

#LOL- Is Your Phone Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
#LOL- Is Your Phone Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?


The title is really funny… and so is going to be this post! (Kinda non-sense too)

I know this sounds crazy but people, (especially singles) who are totally obsessed with their cellphones must read to this.

And c’mon admit it, there are times when you feel like you are more attached to your cellphone than anything on Earth. You start your day with your phone and end your day with making your phone sleep next to your pillow.

Sounds crazy but this is love. (lol)

Now, there are signs that you are totally obsessed with your phone (as if you are in a relationship).

1. You eat, sleep and live together! (even in loo)

2. You start your day with it (of course)

3. … and End your day with it (hmmm!)

4. Can’t keep it on silent for more than 15 mintues

5. And when you need help, all you want is your phone!

6. You feel like killing the person who tried to get their hands on your phone

7. At times you feel like throwing your phone away (it’s a love/hate relationship)

8. Your heart skips a beat when you can’t find it around you. (Oh! Where has it gone? Abhi to yahi tha!)

9. And when you want to get out of things, your phone is the BEST excuse you have

10. You’ve yelled at it so many times

11. You hate it when someone tried to say bad things about it.

12. And if you have Siri, when you are alone… you talk to him too! (Gotcha!)

I read a similar post on Quora while surfing and thought of sharing what I feel on this one.

It was fun doing this post. Good and light for a change! What say? 🙂

image source: valentinelife.com

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