#SelfieWithVoicemates Giveaway Winners Announced! [Closed]

Hi All!!
. . . so as I promised that I shall announce the winners of #SelfieWithVoicemates giveaway winners on my birthday, here I am with the winning selfies!
But before that I’d like to share a funny conversation held with a friend last night. We were on call and we were discussing about my birthday plans and of course this giveaway. I was telling her how happy I am on getting so many wonderful selfies and pics with VoiceMates.
She asked me a very ‘serious’ question. She said, you follow a rule of posting 1 blog a day. You follow this all around the year. So, when are you going to announce the winners? Will you be doing 1 single post for wishing yourself birthday and giving shoutouts and releasing VoiceMates Happy Faces video and announcing winners giveaway? Or you will postpone any 1 or 2 posts to publish on the next day.
I laughed and replied, It’s my birthday and today I can break all rules. So, I’d be doing all 3 posts on my birthday only. HeHe!
Of course it’s my birthday and I can do whatever I want to do… (and it’s my blog… and sometimes it’s good to break rules…)
And now… Here’s the winning selfie!
#SelfieWithVoicemates Giveaway Winners Announced!
Congratulations Rohan Kachalia and His Wonderful Wifey. I totally loved the selfie. You have won yourself a mystery gift box!!
Here are 3 winning selfies for INR 500 amazon gift card:
1) Rajat Kumar
2) Richa Dixit
3) Mohit lal khaitan
Also, there is a special gift for Priyanka Vishwakarma, so sending so many unique and stylish selfies with VoiceMates. Congratulations!!
Mystery Box Winner Rohan Kachalia and Priyanka Vishwakarma, please share your postal address and Amazon gift card winners, please share your email IDs.
Happy New Year 2016.
Take care!

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