Few Cents On Difference Between Dating And A Relationship

Two days back I had a serious argument with a friend of mine on the difference between dating and a relationship. Though, I completely understand the fact that different people have different opinions… but still I felt that a friend (and not only that friend, but so many people) just don’t get the difference between dating and a relationship. There is a clear line between these two things. 
So, I just thought of sharing my few cents on difference between dating and a relationship! Read on to find out what they are:
Few Cents On Difference Between Dating And A Relationship

1. Love

It is not necessary that you are ACTUALLY in love with person you are dating. But in a relationship, it is… So, if you are seriously in love with the person and that person loves you back… its a relationship!

2. Commitment:

When you are in a serious commitment, surely its a relationship and a lot more than casual dating. When you are in a relationship, it is likely to discuss on topics like marriage, kids, getting settled, family etc. 

3. Exclusive:

Dating is not ‘EXCLUSIVE’ while a relationship is!

4. Communication:

When you are in a relationship, you like discussing and talking about each and every thing that happens to you… You communicate a lot… And this is not in a case of dating.

5. Time:

When you are in a relationship, you like to spend a lot of time with the person you love… It’s like having a person to spend all of your time with. While when you are dating someone, it’s all casual and you often take things lightly and it’s okay if you guys don’t meet for a long time. 

6. Expectations:

While dating a guy or a girl, expectations stay low. That’s not the case with people in a relationship.

7. Responsibility:

When you are committed to someone, you hold an unsaid unheard responsibility of your partner. You care for each other and are concerned for each other even if you are not together physically. While when you date someone, it’s all cool and you understand that the person doesn’t need you.  

8. Real:

 Dating is more about fun and intimacy while relationships are peaceful, familiar, comfortable and long lasting. 
Guys take a chill pill. People have different thoughts. I’m kinda old school and that’s why I don’t believe in ‘dating’. But it’s okay if you like dating. It’s all cool. 
But yes, often people fall in love while they are casually dating someone. So beware and if you feel like you have started falling for someone, talk to the person before you decide to take things to the next level.

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