Best Places To Visit In India For Christmas Holidays
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Excited about the Christmas and winter holidays? Same here! Well, how about visiting a place here you can enjoy the Christmas festivities to the fullest? That’s really a great idea. Last year, I visited Kerala for Christmas and trust me, it was a real joy to see the way people there celebrate Christmas.
India loves to celebrate Christmas, and you can enjoy Christmas anywhere in India. But… there are some cities where Christmas is celebrated like a carnival and in the most happening way. And trust me, its a lifetime experience of being a part of city Christmas carnival.

Best Places To Visit In India For Christmas Holidays

Here is the list of Best Places To Visit In India For Christmas Holidays. If you have already panned out your Christmas holidays, then you should re-consider and modify it according to the list given below. And for now, Happy winters, Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Best Places To Visit In India For Christmas Holidays:
1- Kovalam! Every street, every crossroad, every circle, every single house is decorated for Christmas. Actually not only Kovalam, but whole of Kerala is worth visiting during the Christmas season. Celebrating Christmas and new year in Kovalam is the BEST experience ever!!
2- Second of my list is, GOA!! Goa Christmas and new year celebration is famous and known to all. Beach parties, Church celebrations, Carnivals, Parades, all are worth a visit and I bet, you are going to love it.
3- Pondicherry also known as little France of India, is totally a cool yet hot destination to visit in India for Christmas and new year holidays. 
4- Lansdowne is one place to spend Christmas holidays if you are looking for a less-crowded and chilly place to spend holidays. Its a beautiful and serene place to stay during winters.
5- Shillong!! Everyone knows The Cathedral Church and the All Saints church in Shillong for Christmas. You will be fascinated to know that Shillong is crowded with visitors from all around the world for mid-night Christmas celebration. 
6- Shimla is next on our list. Just like Goa and Pondicherry, Shimla too is the most favorite destination for holidays lovers during Christmas holidays. 
I really hope you liked this list. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones, it might help them too! Stay connected for more. Cheers!!

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