Random Acts Of Kindness

10 Random Acts Of Kindness For Winters

Like every year, this year I am again doing the some random acts of kindness which makes me feel happy and content during the holiday season. The feeling which I get after doing these acts of kindness is very satisfying and fill my heart with joy. Lord Jesus Christ had taught us the lesson of love, kindness, share and care for the people. So it’s time that we awaken our senses and does some good things in life during Christmas.

Random Acts Of Kindness
Random Acts Of Kindness For Winter Season

Here’s the list of 10 Random Acts Of Kindness For You For This Winter Season which every one including you and your near ones can follow.

10 Random Acts Of Kindness For You For This Winter Season:

1) Support to the old aged people: on the vicinity of my place I have the elderly society care building.  I will visit that place and sped with the seniors and make them happy.

2) Donate a clothes, toys, food to needy people and kids.

3) Pay the bill of the poor kid working. Let him have his stomach filled food and the satisfaction. Or simply buy the kid, a cup of tea or some cookies.

4) Give some warm blankets and sweaters to the street hawkers and beggars in the footpaths.

5) Take care of the pets and street dogs by giving them proper shelter and food in this cold winter.

6) Keep grains (bird food) and food at your balcony for birds.

7) Don’t bargain with local hawkers and Rickshaw walaas.

8) Pay the sweeper and the servants with extra money along with sweets and cakes so that they are contended and happy in this Christmas.

9) Donate money to winter special NGOs.

10)  Medicines, toys, clothing, books, food items like chocolates and balloons distributed among children of the locality can also make them happy. Or simply spread smiles… and distribute candies!

Do follow these and feel the difference!

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