Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging In 2007

Oh yes, for all the ones who are new to this space… let me tell you, this blog is kinda old. I started it as a hobby blog in 2007. Long time, isn’t it? Almost 7 years and this blog would be completing 8 years in December 2015.
I never thought I’d come such a long way with this little web space of mine. But now, this blog is more like an addiction to me. It’s like my personal diary where I (really) like to share my views and thoughts walking through the ripples of life.
From sharing news about my books and events, to lifestyle tips to travel stories & photography to offers and reviews, I try to share everything that interests me.
But as I’ve come a long way in blogging, I learned a lot. And without any doubt, I made so many mistakes too. I had no one to guide me for blogging.
Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging In 2007
I changed so many names of my blog, if you remember so… At first I named it as ‘something to say’ then ‘expressing me’, ‘here to share’, ‘Anamika’s blog’, ‘the Anamika Mishra blog’, and finally I came back to plain and simple ANAMIKA MISHRA.
Not only this, I kept on changing URLs and templates and gadgets too… and did endless experiments with content on my blog.
I really wish I knew that all of these things affect the blog performance too. There are few more things that I wish I knew when I started blogging back in 2007. I want you to know it and learn from me. May be, it could help you or someone in need in some way…
– Never take blogging lightly. It is tough than a normal job
– Being your own boss is not at all easy
– Reading other blogs and researching is as important as writing your own blog posts.
-You must know basic HTML coding. If you dont know, learn it. (Thankfully, I am having a tech degree and it helped me a lot)
– Be friends with twitter and pinterest and not just facebook
– Not everyone including your friends and family, would understand what exactly you do. Don’t even try to explain in to that depth. They won’t get it any way. 
– Be creative
– Don’t steal ideas. Write and share what you really want to… Keep it original and unique.
So that’s that! Hope you liked it.
Until next time… Ciao!
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