Road Trips Are Easier Now, As Compared To Years Back | #JanoTohMano
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Road Trips Are Easier Now, As Compared To Years Back | #JanoTohMano

Road Trips Are Easier Now, As Compared To Years Back | #JanoTohMano
Road Trips Are Easier Now, As Compared To Years Back | #JanoTohMano

Heya people!How are you guys doing? I am totally loving the change in climate. Winters are almost here!

Before I begin, first watch this video. It is my today’s inspiration to write this post.

This TVC from Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund reminded me of the times when we didn’t have technologies like GPS and we (me & my family) used go on road-trips and used maps to seek directions.

Really, things have changed a lot … and are easier.

As you all know, I am a big travel buff and not only me, but my entire family is a travel buff. My dad and my brother loves road-trips and therefore, we have been on many family road-trips. Some of these road-trips were really long, like from Kanpur to Mumbai and back, Kanpur to Kedarnath and back, Kanpur to Hyderabad and back… These are just few examples… to let the new readers know, how often (and crazily) me and my family plans a road-trip.

But I can say that technological advancements have helped a lot in making our road-trips easier. Previously, I remember Dad used to carry a road map with him to see if we were on the right highway or not. We didn’t have GPS in around early 2000s. And if by chance, we lost our way… we used to look for local people to help us out in seeking the right direction. It happened a lot of times.

Thank God we have GPS in our cars and smartphones. We can now search and look for the right direction anytime. Also, things like searching for a nearby ATM, motel, restaurant, petrol pump etc. is much more easier with these advanced devices.But I have seen there are people who still prefer the old ways for the same, that are actually time consuming and not worthy!

I believe it is always good to be a little wiser and opt to better and smarter ways in life.

image source – Birla Sun Life

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