Do you know the word ‘Promise’ had been derived from the Latin word ‘promittere’ which actually means ‘to send forward’.

This means, when you make a promise, you send your honest intentions forward to manifest into reality. Isn’t this beautiful?
We often make promises to the ones we love but we forget to make promise to the most important entity in this whole world i.e. Thyself! 
Therefore, today I am going to tell you 8 promises that you should make to yourself today! And not only this, but try to keep up with these promises and take a moment everyday to remind yourself about these. 
8 Promises To Make To Yourself TODAY
8 Promises To Make To Yourself TODAY:
– I promise that I will not lie to myself, EVER
– I promise to clear my intentions and will stop making decisions in haste.
– I promise to learn, everyday!
– I promise to work hard to achieve my dreams
– I promise to take nothing for granted
– I promise to respect elders (who deserve to be respected) and love kids, selflessly. 
– I promise to not to allow negative vibes and thoughts of people affect me and my work
– I promise to be humble and kind.
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